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Tax Preparation

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Expert Tax Preparation Services in St. Petersburg

Taxes are a necessary aspect of a functional society, but they can be confusing and daunting for many people. Errors on your tax return can result in costly fines and even IRS audits, while a lack of tax knowledge can lead to missed opportunities and paying more than you owe. At Raymond Moulton, CPA, we are dedicated to delivering preparation services that will take the stress and anxiety out of tax time.

Business people shaking handsOur staff of professionals has been serving the St. Petersburg community since 2008. Our goal is to provide exceptional, personalized tax preparation services and tips to use throughout the year and at tax time to minimize your liability or increase your refund. Whether you are a small business filing quarterly or an individual who files their taxes annually, the team at Raymond Moulton, CPA in St. Petersburg can help you get the most out of this tax season and the next.

If preparing your taxes leaves you with more questions than answers, we urge you to give our full-service accounting firm a call today!

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Our Tax Preparation Services

Well before tax time, Raymond Moulton, CPA will send a tax organizer to your home or business to help streamline the process for the current fiscal year. Not only will this cut back on the time investment for preparation now, but this process will also become more straightforward in future filing.

After we gather pertinent information, our team of professionals pairs our years of experience with innovative tax software to organize your information as well as identify potential problems that could trigger an IRS audit. We file returns electronically, ensuring timely processing and quick turnaround times for applicable refunds.

Our staff provides follow-up services throughout the year to help you manage your taxes. Year-round tax preparation with Raymond Moulton, CPA includes:

  • Excellent communication with a response within the same day whenever possible, and weekend assistance for urgent problems
  • Tax questionnaire analysis with a summary of changes over the past year
  • A list of deductions that are commonly overlooked and a discussion of ways you can implement them into your financial plan
  • Access to our secure client portal for the exchange of relevant data and documents
  • Bookkeeping management and guidance to make preparing for tax season effortless
  • Expert resolution services and coaching on how to communicate with the IRS

Tax Preparation Services to Save Your Business Time And Money

Saving time and money are the most compelling reasons to hire a professional to help you with your business tax preparation. If you have prepared your own taxes in the past you already understand how time consuming it can become. Additionally, if our team finds just one deduction that you miss, it could easily make up for the cost of preparing your business returns. We are dedicated to working with you to prepare accurate returns and help you make smart tax-saving decisions. We also offer outstanding tax planning services to make tax time even easier.

Why Use Our Individual Tax Preparation Service?

woman using tablet pc and taking notes at cafePreparing and submitting tax documents is the most challenging part of overall compliance. If your forms are inaccurate or late, you could end up with serious penalties. As your trusted tax professionals, Raymond Moulton, CPA is always up to speed on all laws and can provide the best advice for your unique situation. Tax preparation requires attention to detail. Our services can save you valuable time and reduce stress by completing such tax forms as:

  • Form W-2 if you have a job.
  • Various 1099 forms reporting other income you've received. This may include interest, dividends, and nonemployee compensation paid to independent contractors.
  • Form W-2G if you've had gambling winnings.
  • Form 1098, reporting mortgage interest you've paid.

Professional preparation of your taxes helps eliminate errors on your return that could increase the likelihood of an audit. Arithmetic errors, inverting numbers, forgetting to date and sign your return, are some of the most common mistakes our team can help you avoid. You may be able to deduct expenses such as postage, mileage, and software when you itemize your return. We can help you find all the possible deductions that you qualify for.

Our Tax Expertise for Your Benefit

Tax preparation requires an in-depth understanding of regulation changes from year to year. At Raymond Moulton, CPA, we offer affordable, professional, and personalized tax services in St. Petersburg, FL and the surrounding areas.

We file returns digitally for speed and accuracy, and our processing system ensures efficiency and keeps your personal information protected. Improve your current tax position and preserve assets by having Raymond Moulton, CPA provide a personalized tax strategy. Call us today for your initial consultation.

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