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Raymond Moulton, CPA

Estate and Trust Taxes

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Estate Planning and Trusts Taxes In St. Petersburg

Estates and trusts are designed to simplify the process of transferring property to loved ones. An estate transfers assets and liabilities to beneficiaries after death and a trust protects and plans for assets and property transfer to beneficiaries at a later date. In the eyes of the law, both an estate and a trust are separate, legal, taxpaying entities, just like any individual or business. Raymond Moulton, CPA will help oversee the work you do alongside the lawyer, as well as help to plan and prepare tax obligations for those in the St. Petersburg, FL area.

Estate and trust tax compliance is a complicated process. Raymond Moulton, CPA offers years of experience dedicated to minimizing tax liabilities and will help clients understand the process, their obligations, and how to plan for them while keeping compliant with state and federal regulations.

Estate and Trust Tax Help in St. Petersburg

Raymond Moulton can assist with IRS forms, taxable income, potential deductions; modifications; establishing tax liabilities and other features pertaining to shifting estate and trust tax laws. Consultation services provides Raymond Moulton, CPA an opportunity to listen to client needs, reviews available documents that outline client's taxes. Money saving opportunities are identified and explained. During the conversation, Mr. Moulton explains the language contained within the estate and trust management documents. He also advises as to when legal counsel should be sought after.

The objective is to reduce or even eliminate estate trust tax liabilities. He answers questions that include:

  • Do married couples have additional opportunities?
  • Is it possible to remove assets from estate prior to death?
  • Is it possible to modify a trust’s income?
  • Do beneficiaries have tax liabilities?

St. Petersburg CPA Estate and Trust Tax Services 

Raymond Moulton has developed a reputation in the St. Petersburg area for reliable, discrete, and educated guidance with estate and trust tax planning. If you are interested in these or other CPA services, please call our St. Petersburg office to request a consultation with Raymond Moulton, CPA.

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